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Guenter, thank you so much for the time and expertise you gave me on numerous occasions to keep me going physically so I could achieve my goals. You never asked for any fanfare or reward for your efforts. A very rare commodity in these times.

Justin Whitehead

I am Jim C and I am Seventy Eight (78) years of age, I live on a farm where walking and lifting is required.

For many years I have suffered with back and groin pains. I have spent well over $3,000 in later years on Chiropractic and Osteopathic treatments, at times coming away feeling no better than before I went. One of my GPs suggested I should take pain killers and use a walking stick or frame, I felt that I needed some kind of massage and there would be some one out there who could help me.

I saw and ad for “The Back Man” and decided to try him.

My first treatment from Guenter Ruchti was on the 5/2/2009 and the symptoms greatly subsided immediately after the first treatmentand have almost completely resolved within three successive sessions. The main thing is thanks to Guenter Ruchti I am able to walk with my back straight and without pain.

I encourage anyone suffering back pain to try Guenter Ruchti with his Advance Remedial Body Work Therapy.

Yours sincerely,

My name is Matt and I am 34 years old.

On Sunday 29/03/09 I was observing in a water ski race at Lake Charm. We were travelling at 145km/h when the boat barrel rolled, as the result of this accident I suffered damage to my shoulder.

The examining doctor at the time diagnosed that I had damage to the AC Joint and advised me to have my arm in a sling for 3-5 weeks and abstain from work for up to 5 weeks. I received treatment from Guenter Ruchti 5 days after the accident and was prescribed particular medicines. My symptoms subsided greatly within a few days, 6 days later I felt that my shoulder had improved to 98% which at this time I received a second treatment which completely resolved the problem.

2 weeks after the accident I was cleared and back into ski racing and full duties back at work with many thanks to Guenter Ruchti and his magic hands.


I had been experiencing unpleasant and increasingly concerning chest pains for a period of approximately 5 weeks – I eventually visited my GP to seek some diagnosis and treatment of these pains.

My GP was unable to provide me with an explanation during his initial examination, and so sent me for barrage of invasive tests. This round of tests proved to be completely ineffective in providing me with an explanation of my chest pains. I became anxious and increasingly concerned as to what was causing the pain.

During a follow up visit with my GP, it was suggested that further invasive tests be undertaken in an attempt to diagnose my ailment, but in the meantime, I should use Panadol for pain management.

At this stage, I was becoming very frustrated with the lack of answers I was receiving, and doubly frustrated with the treatment advice my GP had given me.

I had seen Guenter previously for neck and back pain, and felt that he may be able to assist me with my current health concerns. I made an appointment to see Guenter on the 10th of June 2009, and after just one appointment and consultation, I experienced some immediate relief of my pain. I required one additional appointment to completely cease the chest pain I had been experiencing for so many weeks.

There have been no recurrent attacks of this pain since receiving treatment from Guenter.


Thank you for all the time and work that you did on my back, as I told you no-one could do a thing for me or take any pain away. But you did, you fixed my back and took the pain away for me.

My back is still fine and still pain free. I will call in and visit next time I am in Bendigo. So take care.

From Patti

Hello my name is Joyce.

I feel privileged to have been asked to put pen to paper so that my experience with Guenter may be able to benefit other people suffering pain.

After a serious back injury I received two years ago, up until a few months ago had given me only minor trouble, but overdoing things, which I really don’t recall caused me to start to suffer some pain, but like we all do I tried to ignore it and it started to become worse, so I had my doctor order a C.T. scan, just to see the extent of the trouble which showed up to be “Spondylothesis” 3 disc bulges and other spinal disorders including a pinched sciatic nerve going all the way down my right leg to my foot. There was no way I could lay flat on my back in bed, as when I did, it was like a volt of lightning going right down my leg. Trying to sleep was my worst time, as every time I turned I would be in a lot of pain. After having to stop my aerobics which I have done for the past 6 years, my instructress recommended I see Guenter and explain my ailment to him. Because of a bleeding ulcer I was unable to be prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine. So after 3 visits to Guenter I could not believe the relief he had brought to my aching body, with his professional massage and his alternative medicine he prescribed me, which didn’t affect my ulcer or other ailments I have. I am most grateful for Guenter’s sympathetic treatment, and could not recommend him highly enough for his professional treatment.

In October 2002, upon examining my CT-scan, my chiropractor told me that due to the number and severity of problems affecting the spine of my neck, my only hope was surgery.

Following my nephew’s recommendation I consulted Guenter Ruchti. With just three treatments from him my neck pain was gone. 9 years have passed since and I still haven’t had the need for surgery.

Joe McE.

A few years ago I suffered a shoulder injury. Four physiotherapists, a chiropractor, osteopath and a couple of masseurs gave me some relief, but I was eventually told that little more could be done and was sent away still suffering constant pain and discomfort.

More recently I suffered muscular injury affecting most of my body and legs. I was in desperate need of professional assistance and a colleague recommended me to Guenter Ruchti.

Within a few short weeks Dr Ruchti in a learned, caring and professional manner gave me complete relief from both, the old and more recent injury.

Thank you Guenter, I am most grateful.

Cynthya, 23-01-2015

General health

In March 1998 I noticed I was suffering from excess mucous at the back of my throat. At times it felt like a lump and as a result I was continually clearing my throat. I went to my G.P. who suggested seeing a medical specialist. The specialist examined me and suggested I had a dry throat for which a medicine was prescribed. I was told if this failed to cure me then I should have more intensive exploratory surgery.

The medicine didn’t cure me so I consulted Guenter Ruchti and explained my condition to him. Guenter suggested that I had Post-Nasal Drip, which to me, seemed to explain the condition precisely. He prescribed some natural medication and I noticed a considerable improvement after two weeks.

My condition was completely resolved after six weeks thanks to Guenter, whom I know I can trust with my family’s health. He is very knowledgeable and caring and strives to help his patients reach optimal health.

Your sincerely,

In January 1992 I was medically diagnosed to be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My medical practitioner, having completed the relevant tests, apologetically told me that there was nothing to his knowledge that could be done for me.

On 29.1.1992 I consulted Mr. Ruchti. He did a couple of tests, prescribed a small number of natural medicines, and then advised me on a particular dietary regime which I followed strictly. When seeing Mr. Ruchti with the above problem for my third appointment on 16.4.92, I was pleased to report that all of my symptoms which had led to the diagnosis of C.F.S. had disappeared and I was feeling very well again.


My name is Karen, I am 28 years old and have recently had my first child, a beautiful little girl named Marley. It was not an easy journey for my husband Simon and I to get where we are, but we would not be as happy and fortunate as we are now if it were not for Guenter Ruchti and his extensive knowledge and experience.

Simon and I got married in April 2007 and decided to start trying to conceive in November the same year. We started just seeing how things would go without contraception not focusing on when the best time in my menstrual cycle was and three months in nothing was happening so we thought we should look at the best time to try and conceive. After working out when I would be ovulating and focusing on those few days during that month, we finally got a positive pregnancy test in May 2008. Unfortunately, the pregnancy resulted in miscarriage at ten weeks.

After the miscarriage we tried to conceive again straight away. the doctors told us that my menstrual cycle may take a few months to get back to normal. After about ten months we still had not conceived again. We decided it was time to see my GP and get some help. It started off with blood and other tests and examinations for both of us. The tests came back to show that I was not ovulating. I was referred to a specialist and I was given different types of medications to try to make me ovulate. In October 2009 I was put on a medication that had some terrible side effects. I was nauseous, got hot flushes and there was an increase risk of getting cervical cancer so I did not really want to take the medication but I was at the stage that I would do almost anything to fall pregnant. After three months of taking the medication I still did not have a regular cycle and of course I was still not pregnant, so I decided to stop taking the medications and seek an alternative route.

My cousin and his wife recommended Guenter as they had trouble conceiving themselves and he had successfully helped them. So in January 2010, Simon and I had our first consultation with Guenter. He gave us hope and encouragement that we would conceive. I started treatment with herbal and homeopathic medication which had no side effects at all. in May 2010, just five months after commencing the complementary medicine, I was finally pregnant. Marley was born on 26th January 2011. She came five weeks early but she was healthy and strong.

Simon and I cannot thank Guenter enough for helping us to start our family. I hope our story will encourage others who are in a similar situation to try the complementary medicine approach and we highly recommend you choose Guenter to help you.


Having suffered severe migraine since I was teenager I was dubious when a colleague of my husband’s recommended I make an appointment to see Guenter. Over the years I had seen many chiropractors and physiotherapists, all of which have cost me a fortune and still not cured my migraines. I reluctantly made an appointment. During this visit Guenter took a medical history from me, detailing when my migraines commenced and what course of treatment I have had in the past. My neurologist had more or less said that I had typical migraine and unfortunately any medication he gave me only seemed to help for a short period of time. I explained that as a nurse I was missing a lot of time off work and that as I have got older (43yrs) my migraines have intensified and become more frequent often lasting 4 days and requiring a stay in hospital and many shots of morphine. Guenter offered to help me but made no promises. He also recommended I take a Bio-magnesium. Within a fortnight I noticed a remarkable difference, and over time I had not experienced a migraine attack, much to my neurologists surprise.

I still get the occasional attack but the frequency has lessened along with the intensity. I would recommend anybody suffering from this debilitating condition to seek Guenter’s assistance. I cannot thank him enough for the difference he has made to my life.


Our daughter was born on 31 May 1993 with Cystic Fibrosis. Since then Mr Ruchti has donated his services free of charge in order to assist with her development and attend to any physical disorders as they become apparent.

So far Mr Ruchti has successfully helped her to quickly combat a few head colds and catarrh which cold become rather dangerous in her condition.

Due to his advice we were able to avoid a possible Vitamin A toxicity developing as medical staff recommended much to high a dosage for my daughters deficiency.

My daughter recently broke out with a nasty blistered “rash”, which appeared on several areas of her body. Her consultant medical practitioner was baffled as to what may have caused this to happen. Mr Ruchti discovered that the skin eruptions were due to the drug “Pancrease” which obviously had also been prescribed with the wrong dosage. Adjustment of the latter allowed her skin to clear up within a week.


My 11 year old daughter Belinda had a growth on the ball of her right foot for over 12 months. She had laser therapy as well having it removed surgically five times without success. The growth reappeared bigger than before every time and was very painful.

On 16.12.1991, after surgery had been suggested for the sixth time, we consulted Mr Guenter Ruchti. He prescribed a little naturopathic medicine consisting of three different mineral tablets. As a result of that, on 29.12.1991 the growth on Belinda’s foot came out by itself, roots and all, without pain or complications and her foot healed up completely within a very short time.


For a number of months I had been experiencing severe lethargy even after extended sleep along with such symptoms as bloating, headaches, and diarrhoea, in all leaving me very stressed.

I approached Mr Guenter Ruchti and he conducted some testing arriving at the conclusion of a yeast infection of the stomach. A yeast-free diet was recommended for a minimum of eight weeks along with some herbal supplements.

Within two weeks I was starting to feel better and at the conclusion of the diet all symptoms had disappeared, I had back good energy levels, feeling very positive and enjoying life once more.


I have had a number of warts of different shapes and sizes for at least 5 years. It started on the ball of my right foot where it spread to other parts of that foot. Then on the little toe of my left foot, a few small warts appeared which then spread all over the side of the toe, forming one large, disgusting wart. Eventually smaller ones appeared on my arms and right hand.

Over the years, i have tried various conventional methods (e.g. freezing the warts off using liquid nitrogen, carried out by the GP). This procedure didn’t work, was very painful and I was asked to keep returning for many weeks for more treatment.

I first consulted Guenter Ruchti on the 26/07/2008 who explained that the problem was a virus, which can never be effectively treated from the outside but requires to be tackled internally. He subsequently prescribed particular homeopathic medicines for oral and local use and said it would take time.

All the lesions gradually changed in their appearance over the following three months. Guenter changed the medicines as things progressed. Every one of these warts, which had been bothering me for so many years, had completely cleared up within five months of treatment and no new ones have formed.

I would like to thank Guenter for his time and concern, which resulted in the effective treatment of my condition, which I am very grateful for.


Note: These warts were successfully treated with homeopathic medicines which according to conventional orthodox medicine believes are useless. Obviously “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. (G.W. Ruchti)

My name is Amanda. I would like to give you some history about myself and my relationship with Guenter Ruchti ND.

In October 1996 I had a hysterectomy, my uterus was removed and my ovaries were left, as they appeared to be okay.

EarIy 1999, I went to my GP and after some blood tests, it was realised that I was going through menopause and I commenced hormone replacement treatment (HRT), after trying various HRT’s, we decided Ogen 1.25mg, B6 and Amizide. I also have been chronically low in iron, to some degree anaemic for at least 8 years, and was prescribed Ferro-Gradumet 325mg, which caused constipation.

After a few months of treatment I was still complaining of tiredness, which is a symptom of menopause, and should have been eliminated with HRT. My GP did further blood tests and in July 1999 it was found that I had Hepatitis-C.

I had a liver biopsy in November 1999 and there was no cirrhosis, but a small amount of scarring. September 2000, I decided to go on to the drug treatment program of Interferon injections (3 times a week) and Ribiviran (3 capsules twice a day) for twelve months, (completed September 2001).

In October 2001, at 44 years of age, feeling unsatisfied with all the orthadox medical treatment for the above disorders, which did not bring any great relief: I decided to consult Guenter Ruchti ND, an alternative medical practitioner for help with the symptoms of menopause and Hepatitis-C. At this stage I was having severe hot flushes and unable to sleep because of it.

Guenter prescribed particular herbal, nutritional and homeopathic remedies and within a short period of time (8 weeks) I felt great. The hot flushes had gone, I was sleeping again, and therefore tiredness was also relieved. My iron levels were back to normal – which was backed up by subsequent blood test. My Hepatitis-C status is now negative and has been for six months.

Guenter’s expertise in the field of alternative and complementary medicine allowed me to regain my health in less than six months from commencement of his therapeutic programme.

Most of all I give great praise to his ability to listen, advise and to make sure I was improving with the treatment he was giving me. I was also able to contact him at any time of day, with any problems or queries, and this I thank him for, as I felt I was finally being treated like a human being.


Troy during his apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic developed a severe skin condition. He had been under the care of a dermatologist who diagnosed industrial irritant contact dermatitis due to a combined chemical onslaught of Troy’s whole work environment. The skin specialist stated in his report he was certain that Troy would be unable to complete his apprenticeship. His treatment obviously was only managing the condition by masking symptoms.

In desperation Troy sought my help. The following pictures tell their own story. My aim was to not only clear up the symptoms, but to overcome his obvious allergy. Complementary medicine was successful. Troy did finish his apprenticeship and latest reports (15 years after treatment) are that Troy is still fine and working in his chosen profession, running a successful diesel mechanic business in Western Australia.

Swami Mahadevananda Saraswati, Australia
Re-Integration Through Yoga
“If you cannot relax – you cannot concentrate. If you cannot concentrate – you cannot meditate. And without meditation how will you ever find happiness?”
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

These words of wisdom clearly indicate that at the basis of our human happiness lies the need to relax, and without it progress and fulfilment are not possible. Children unfortunately, are at a disadvantage as they are confronted with countless impressions which they certainly register subconsciously, however, without conscious rationalisation ability. They see, hear, feel and sense many things and whatever they are unable to understand they simply have to file away in the big subconscious storeroom. This is an automatic mental process which seems to clear our way from whatever we cannot come to terms with at the moment. The problem is, that all impressions stored in the subconscious surely have been removed from the surface or conscious plane but still affect and limit our behaviourism, personality and creative abilities.

Fruitful study, concentration, intellectual comprehension, self expression and self actualisation, therefore, depend on our state of receptivity which in turn requires a relaxed state of mind. Accordingly, children grow up to be a product of their environment, and this is where the greatest responsibility in regard to education lies. Love, understanding, encouragement and inspiration flowing from parent to child is first ranking. School education executed by a teacher ideally should be nothing more than a specialised extension of the same.

Case history
In 1979 we were approached for help by Sister Rose, a nun in charge of St. Aidan’s Children Center, a branch of St Aidan’s Convent in Bendigo, Australia. Having learned of the specialised work being done at Satya Centre Yoga Ashram, Sr. Rose came with a 12 year old girl named Theresa, who was a “state ward” child in care of the convent. this means that due to a physically and/or emotionally unfavourable family situation, the courts of the state, upon recommendation of the social welfare department, had ruled that Theresa be put into the care of an approved institution to secure her unharmed upbringing.

According to the information received from Sr. Rose, we learned that Theresa was a twin, jealous of her sister, removed from a bad situation at home. She could not relate to her schoolmates, had no friends, seemed to like searching through garbage bins, was mocked by others, and suffered from insomnia and puberty symptoms, all of which reflected negatively on her school performance. Her teachers and “cottage parents” found her almost impossible to handle and even psychotherapy had been unsuccessful in the attempt to bring about a change. Now, Theresa had been brought to yoga as a last resort.

Yoga treatment
In the first of many private sessions we were able to form our own opinion of the child. There was an unhappy little girl, who had been deprived of what others are given freely and take for granted: a loving family. The many negative impressions which she had been bombarded with throughout the 12 years of her young life had come to a peak. But, under the mask of restlessness, disinterest and aggression there was an innocent child, hoping, reaching out and desperately looking for love and security.

Our first yoga nidra practice was shocking. Theresa’s body lying in shavasana was the battlefield of her inner tensions. There was continuos rapid eye movement and involuntary physical jerks. At one time her whole body was lifted as if ejected by the floor. We have seen many demonstrations of the physical release of tensions, but this show, without any doubt, was the saddest one that we had ever witnessed. We saw our duty in coaching Theresa to help herself to cope with her lot in life, to develop self-confidence, or simply to feel more comfortable from within. We felt everything else would happen from there. The first task was to gain Theresa’s confidence and friendship. Once this was achieved we could gradually and playfully introduce the yogic disciplines that were required and suitable to this special case.

In weekly sessions lasting one hour, we taught and practised with Theresa various techniques as systematised by Swami Satyananda of Munger. the girl was initiated into pawanmuktasana, shakti bandhas, marjariasana, bhujangasana, paschimottanasana, vipareeta karani mudra and shashankasana, which was followed by a few minutes of relaxation in shavasana. Then we went on to simple nadi shodhana pranayama, Om chanting, sometimes kirtan and finally yoga nidra practice. Of course, the whole practice time was mixed with chats and jokes in order to avoid the creation of intensity which would have developed dislike towards yoga, defeating the purpose.

We also advised Theresa’s cottage parents to make sure she had a shower every morning (which was new to their idea of hygiene) and night, as well as encourage or even practise with Theresa a little yoga at least once, preferably twice a day. We also put forward our recommendation on dietary considerations, which meant to avoid processed, artificially coloured and flavoured foods and excessive consumption of red meats.

The whole therapeutic program was designed to release physical, mental and emotional tensions, to establish a balanced hormone production (prerequisite for emotional balance), to tone the nervous system and to re-establish sound mind-body correlation and a dynamic state of relaxation. The total time devoted to asanas, pranayama and Om chanting did not exceed 15 minutes, as these were the techniques which the child could easily practise by herself at home.

However, as Theresa was not encouraged by her cottage parents she hardly ever did her sadhana at home. The dietary considerations were not adhered to either as “the extra load would have made life too difficult’ for the cottage parents. In spite of all this, we could notice a gradual progress taking place. Yoda nidra is always a good test. After some 3 months, the child was able to follow that practice for approxiamtely 15 minutes without movement. After 6 months her teachers and the convent social worker remarked about an obvious change in Theresa’s personality and behaviour. Her private tutor employed by the convent told us that the girl’s studies have made remarkable progress and that his own findings were in full agreement with the feedback he received from the school. After 9 months of yoga therapy. Theresa’s ability to relax in a guided yoga nidra session had increased from near 5 minutes at the beginning to some 50 minutes, without bodily jerks or rapid eye movement.

Sometimes she went to sleep which is not the aim of yoga nidra, but in regard to her original insomnia problem, it was quite acceptable as it indicated improvement. So, after 9 months with the help of simple yogic sadhana, Theresa had found her own level and acted like any other ordinary child whether in regard to her school performance or whatever. At this time we decided to discontinue the private lessons as there was no longer any need for their continuity. But we recomended regular practices at home and group classes.

If we consider the number of disorders Theresa had been suffering from for so long, which conventional medicine and psychotherapy had failed to treat, that dietary considerations were ignored, and that throughout the whole time of yogic treatment she was still subject to the same unfavourable circumstances, then it is astounding to see that even occasional performance of yogic disciplines was successful in this relatively short length of time. we dare to imagine how much more could have been achieved and in a quicker way, if Theresa’s whole environment would have been more conductive to the process. We have not seen Theresa since then, but a year later we learned from Sr. Rose that she was still doing fine at school as well as socially. She had taken up playing netball, had made many friends and was getting on well with everybody. Sr. Rose said that she was certain that it was yoga that had brought about this beautiful change in Theresa and she was full of gratitude.

Education begins at home. We, the adults, prepare the ground for the flowering of our children. We can give nourishment through love, understanding and selfless involvement in the child. Or, we can ignore all but its physical needs, resulting in someone like Theresa. We are therefore, the doctors (latin ‘docere’ – to teach) and inspirers of our children’s happiness.

Hey Guenter,

Just a quick note to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Donna and I really appreciate every thing you did for our baby girl Maya, as she is now a happy girl all the time.

Merry Christmas again and all the best for the new year.

Cheers Jesse

In July 1995 Amanda, aged 22, sought treatment for acne. I treated her with herbal medicines, the efficacy of which is proven by the following photographs.

Excerpt of a patient’s letter:

Dear Guenter,

I would like to thank you for changing my life through not only your expertise and knowledge, but your kindness, willingness to listen and most importantly your compassion.

It’s hard to put into words what you have done for me. I always thought my life should be different. But doctors shunned me off, telling me that my pain and tiredness was all in my head, making me feel like a hypochondriac.

I would go to bed at night feeling so sick, bloated, lethargic and sad. I used to wake up and a shower was enough to tire me out for the day. I had to constantly push myself to complete everyday tasks, and I thought that was just normal. I now realize that this is not the case.

I have so much energy. I wake up and go for a run (I’m up to 8 km). I have energy to cook all my meals instead of buying take-away because I can’t be bothered. I work three jobs and still have energy for my friends and other normal daily tasks, that I was always too tired to complete.

For as long as I remember, I have never felt like this. I am a completely different person and I have you to thank! … I feel that I am now living life the way it should be lived and it is so refreshing to feel this way.

I look forward to seeing you again and I will pass on my recommendations to everyone I meet. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Jade M. (22 January 2013)

My name is Brian, I am 57 years old. Approximately from October 2015 I was suffering from daily diarrhoea. A stool analysis on 10 November identified Blastocystus DNA which my GP hoped to clear up with a course of antibiotics. When this was unsuccessful my doctor recommended I see a naturopath.

Following recommendations from a family member who had outstanding success from Guenter Ruchti with other problems I decided to contact him.

On the 16th December 2015 Guenter prescribed particular herbal medicines and probiotics. The improvement was almost instant and all symptoms disappeards after about one week and never returned.

I would highly recommend Guenter for any similar problems.

Thank you Guenter.



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