Guenter W Ruchti is a complementary medicine practitioner with many years of highly successful practical experience.

He is a member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society and holds nationally acknowledged qualifications in Naturopathy, Remedial Massage Therapy, Herbal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

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Muscular Problems

In this field Guenter has a record of outstanding achievements in the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

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General Health

Guenter utilizes his skills in naturopathy, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, clinical nutrition and yoga therapy to help his patients re-establish and maintain well-being.

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There should be a sign on your door saying ‘Miracles Happen in Here’.

Mrs Leanne T.

The Ruchti Method is the only method that ever did anything for me.

Mrs Lynne D.

You are the only one who can always get me walking again.

Mr Warren F.

Guenter will either fix you or he will tell you if he can’t. Either way you won’t get any bullsh.. or waste your money.

Mr Charley M.

I keep telling people: If Guenter can’t fix you, no one can.

Mrs Joyce H.

Many thanks to you Guenter for changing my life.

Colleen, 1998

Brilliant amazing Man. Really knows his stuff. Does all forms of back help so means you don’t need to try and decide between osteo, chiro, myo, bowen etc!

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